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You are privileged, please think about the under privileged innocent children:

“Support – A – Child”
A Program for Needy Children that VHPA is supporting. Over 800
children across Bharat (India).
$250 provides for the educational and living needs of one child for a
year.You receive picture, profile and progress report of the child.

Make check payable to VHPA  or Online Credit-Card donation 

VHPA-Support-A- Child

200 New Bond Street
Sugar Grove, IL 60554-9171
Tel.: 001-732-744-0851
Nonprofit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization


VHP of America’s mission is to promote unity amongst Hindus through a
network of local chapters and like-minded organizations, provide
community service to people in distress, cultivate self-respect and
create opportunities for imbibing Hindu values through Bal-Vihars,
Youth camps, Family retreats, and establish world-wide contacts with