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Vedic Graduation Pooja June 2014

Vedic Graduation Pooja at Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in Northborough, MA

Samarth Gupta

In Northborough’s holy Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, four Hindu-American high school students and one college student graduated in a traditional Vedic service on June 22st, 2014. The graduating students were Astha Agrawal, Adhithyan Krishnan, Aditya Datye, Anant Garg, and Samarth Gupta. The graduates, their proud parents, friends, scholars, pujaris, and several Temple committee members assembled early on Sundaymorning to participate in this unique Samskara service, held in the United States for the seventh time. The seventh annual graduation pooja was cosponsored by Gurustanthan – Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple and Vishwa Hindu Parishad Bal Vihars.


The service began with Ekta Mantra (mantra that reminds of the underlying Unity among all) sung by Preetham, Srinidhi, Krishna and Amruth and Krishna, who did an excellent job as the emcee as well. Shri M. Rama Rao ji enthralled everyone when he sang the stuti of Ma Saraswati followed by a bhajan by his four years old granddaughter. The Vandana of the Devi of Learning had a calming effect on the audience with the graduates prepared to participate in the ensuing pooja and absorb the messages from the pujaris and the various speakers.

With the lighting of the diya, and with everyone’s minds focused and cleansed, we were now ready to begin the auspicious rite. Smt. Santhi Reddi gave the opening remarks urging the students to be mindful that their parents have been instrumental in their success and they should never forget their contribution in their life.

The temple pujari, Pandit Jagdeeshan ji, conducted the service beginning with Sri Ganesha Pooja followed by Ma Saraswati Pooja. He emphasized that everyone should respect his/her parents, teachers and Ishwar and by respecting your parents and teachers, you are respecting the Ishwar as well. Each graduate participated individually and collectively in the Pooja seeking success in college and future educational efforts.

All students were called individually, their accomplishments, acknowledged, and awarded a graduation certificate with a bag of gifts on behalf of the Temple by Pandit Jagdeeshan ji. They all had a chance to talk for 2-3 minutes about their accomplishments, goals, and aspirations as they accepted their awards.

The final remarks and blessings were given by Dr. Abhaya Asthana. He inspired the students to continue on their quest for higher learning, and always leave room for Ishwara and Self development. The graduating students were reminded that they were fortunate for all they had. The students are fortunate to have their education, their families, and their supportive community.

The ceremony was followed by a delicious lunch which was lovingly prepared by the families of the graduating students. All the students agreed that this was an event that will live forever in their memory as a motivation to excel above and beyond. The education samskaras are considered most important as Hindus recognize education to be the stepping stone to future enlightenment for eventual liberation from the bondage of rebirths. A samskara ceremony creates a positive imprint or channel in the mind of the recipient akin to a little path. The purpose is to guide future thoughts and resulting actions to travel along this familiar path assisting the individual to think and act in an appropriate manner conducive to living in accordance with dharma. The students are fortunate to have this samskara service conducted by interested friends. Indeed, all present were blessed to be in the direct presence of Sri Ganesha and Sai Baba with the accomplishment of all four goals of life: dharma (right living), artha (wealth), kama (pleasure), and moksha (liberation).

All students were asked to bow to Sri Ganesha, Sai Baba, their mothers, their fathers, and all others present in the congregation, as God resides in all. They were further asked to go out fearlessly in the world and to be proud to call themselves Hindu Americans.

Families interested in participating in next year’s Graduation Service should contact Sanjay Grad image006 Vedic Grad image002 Vedic Grad image004