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Member Appreciation Day April 2014

RAGA by Smt. Shuchita Rao. She was accompanied by Nitin Mitta on tabla and Rohan Prabhudesai on harmonium.

Gaat Gaat Mein Panchi Bolta by Smt. Shuchita Rao At VHPA


Member Appreciation Day Some videos.

“Prabhu Tum Antaryami” Bhajan sung by Sachi Badola


Mr Anurag Harsh , a well known Hindustani Classical music singer

who enthralled audiences with his wide range and great command over classical music.Transcending experience as Shri Anurag Harsh, an accomplished Classical Hindustani Singer took the stage and performed Raga Malkauns.The name “Malkauns” is derived from “Malava Kaushik,” an old melody that finds mention in Sangeet Ratnakara of Sharangdeva. The current swaroopa of the raga that Anurag performed is conjectured to be around 300-400 years old. In this pentatonic audava-audava raga often called the Nrip of all Hindustani Ragas, Anurag tried to evoke via Dhwani Sadhana, the feeling of Nada Brahma for the attending shrotagan (audience). Using the Kirana gharana style of deep adhyatmic chanting Anurag presented excerpts of five distinct khayals in various tala and layas developed by his Guruji to allow the listeners to forget their day to day worries and for a short period, be completely at peace and completely unified with Bhagvan’s divine truth, the feeling of divine bliss, in the form of mellifluous ‘Naad Brahma’ or the sound divine. All khayals except for the Tarana at the end were his Guruji Pandit Bhimsen Joshi’s. Anurag ended his performance with a self-composed Tarana in 16 beat time cycle also known as Teen Taal.
The artist introduced the raga gently to the audience, romancing each note, playfully showing its different facets. The evening unfurled slowly as the beautiful notes lilted and played to the gentle beats of the tabla. Gradually the romance picked passion, the beats from the Tabla built a hedonic tempo and the artist improvised beautifully as he let his voice marry the complicated rhythms from the Tabla and harmonium. They were a breathtaking trio (Anurag, Nitin Mitta & Rohan Prabhudesai) that left the audience with an awe inspiring experience and renewed its love for Hindustani classical music.


Sorry video has poor visibility due to  dark room. Message is the most important about vision of VHPA.  “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkum”


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